1st May 2017 Newsletter



Happy May Day Everyone.

May is when Sailing begins.Thank you everyone for helping with Lift in.

Best of luck to all our sailors in the St Gerards schools Regatta this week!!!!

Wicklow Sailing Club
Mitsubishi Motors Club of the Year 2017
Venue: WSC
Time : 7:30pm
RSVP: info@wicklowsailingclub.com
Lets Party!!!!. All Members are Welcome

Dinghy Section.

  • Boat Park now open.
  • Pay Boat park fees or boat will be removed
  • 7th May Dinghies on the water.
  • Courses online places are filling up.
  • Calling all Adults for May sailing courses
  • Teen Sailing for June.

Checkout the club website for more information


  • 6th May RNLI Naming ceremony
  • 13th May Shipmans come visit
  • 13th/14th Topper Traveller event
  • 16th May Club of the year event.

Cruiser Section.

  • Lift In Completed.
  • Thank you all who helped.
  • Please ensure all rubbish is remove from boat park,
  • May 3rd First Race of the season.
For RNLI Naming Ceremony

  • To make Sandwiches 10-12am Saturday 6th in club
  • Drop off cakes to club 10-12am
  • We are looking volunteer lounge staff.

For Topper Traveller

  • People to help with rescue, catering, registration, safety etc

If your free and can help please email info@wicklowsailingclub.com

Thank you to all members who have paid membership for 2017.
Membership is critical to the running of the club.

Please note all members who have not paid membership your membership is expired.
Subscriptions can be paid online at www.wicklowsailingclub.com

Safety on the Water & Insurance

Now as we begin to go back on the water some points to note.
  • Water Safety is paramount to a successful season.
  • Please ensure you keep up to date on your insurance whether you own a cruiser or dinghy
  • Please be aware of the above disclaimer from WSC own insurance.