Cruiser Racing 2018

Race Marks positions 2018 season

Glen 52º58.52′ N, 006º01.00’W

East 52º59.00′ N, 006º00.99’W

North 53º00.40′ N, 006º01.90’W

Monkey 52º59.90′ N, 006º02.59’W

PDF of WSC Agreed Race Calendar – Updated 29th May 2018

The Draft Calendar was amended and agreed at the January skippers meeting. Additional OODs will be added once all boats have declared their intention to race.

Please take note of your assigned date as OOD. If you can not make this date can you please find a replacement and also inform the Rear Commodore Cruisers.

After lift in it is very important that each boat clean there area of the boat yard and remove their trailer/cradle without delay.