The Cara Na Mara programme was introduced by the ISA to encourage sailors from aged 6 to get involved in sailing. Wicklow Sailing Club were one of the early adopters and have been successfully running them since 2013.


We offer the following courses in Wicklow Sailing Club:

Cara Na Mara Otters (aged 6 – 8)

Cara Na Mara Seals (aged 7 -9)

Cara na Mara Dolphins (aged 8 – 10)

We deliver the programme over 10 half days, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 14:00.

The sailor will spend the first part of the day doing experiments, like making a barometer, measuring the depth of the harbour, art, wildlife identification, or playing games, or learning the parts of the boat. Visiting the seal beach in the club launch is always enjoyed by the young sailors. After a lunch break, we will bring the sailor out on a dinghy, or on later courses, they will sail around the harbour. We will then deliver your child back to you to dry and supervise them getting dressed.

Your sailor will need to arrive in a full length wetsuit, with sunscreen applied. They will also need a Personal Floatation Device (life jacket), old runners (that will get wet in the sea), a drink and lunch. While the sailor need not be a great swimmer at the younger ages, they should be comfortable in the water, in a wetsuit and Personal Floatation Device.