Wicklow Sailing Club Cruiser Race Calendar 2024

Calendar is liable to change. Updates will be shared via the WhatsApp group.  

April 27SatLift InHW 14:32S.Quay 8.am – Dingy Park 12 pm
April 28SunShake Down 14.30HW 15.14RTC Addison
May 1WedMid W. Spring 119.30HW 18.24RTC Alfresco
May 5SunSpring 114.30HW 10.04RTC Bateleur
May 8WedMid W. Spring 219.30HW 12.35RTC Big Cheers
May 11SatDarkness Into Light Sunrise SailTBC 
May 12SunTrophy Race + Spring 212.00HW 15.32Breeches Race Bilbo
May 15WedMid W. Spring 319.30HW 18.32RTC Gaelic Knight
May 19 SunTrophy Race + Spring 312.30LW 15.30North Arklow BankHydrogin
May 22WedMid W. Spring 419.30HW 11.39  RTC Imprint
May 26SunLadies Helm 1 / Spring 4 / 14.30HW 14.23Night flyer
May 29WedMid W. Summer 119.30HW 17.03  RTC Paramore
June 2SunNight RaceCruise Wicklow – Greystones @ 4pm 22.00HW 21.23Race home at 22:00 from GreystonesRuffage
June 5WedMid W. Summer 219.30HW 11.25RTC Ruffnuff
June 9SunTrophy Race + Summer 111:00HW 14.30South India – North India Scamp
June 12WedMid W. Summer 319.30HW 16.50  RTC  Skua
June 16SunRuffian One Design Race Day10.00HW 07.39Training & RacingImprint
June 19WedMid W. Summer 419.30HW 22.52RTC White Rabbit
June 22SatRound Ireland Start
June 23SunRTC14:30HW 00.59RTC Addison
June 26WedMid W. Summer 519.30HW 15.55RTC Alfresco
June 30SunTrophy Race + Summer 211.00HW 07.00
LW 13.00
Horseshoe RaceBateleur
July 3WedRuffian Race Day19.30HW 22.46Training & RacingBig Cheers
July 6SatRace Wicklow –  Dun Laoghaire 08.00HW 12.48Bilbo
July 7SunCruise Home Dun Laoghaire – Wicklow12.00HW 13.32
July 10WedMid W. Summer 6RTCGaelic Knight
Ruffian Nationals 
July 14SunSummer 414.30HW 05.44RTCHydrogin
July 17WedMW Summer 719.30HW 21.26RTC Night flyer
July 21SunSummer 5 / Ladies Helm 2 HW 12.31RTC Paramore
July 24WedMid W. Summer 819.30HW 14.50RTC Ruffage
July 27SatArklow Windmills Race TBCHW 17.14Organized by ASC 
July 28SunArklow Windmills Race TBCHW 18.12Organized by ASC 
July 31WedMid W. Autumn 119.30HW 21.33RTC Skua
August 4SunCommodores Cup – Mini RegattaTBCHW 12.37TBCImprint
August 7WedMid W. Autumn 219.30HW 14.24RTC White Rabbit
August 11SunAutumn 214:30HW 16.41RTCAddison
August 14WedMid W. Autumn 319.30HW 19.38RTC Alfresco
August 18SunAutumn 314.30HW 11.27RTC Bateleur
August 21WedMid W. Autumn 419:30HW 13.46RTC Big Cheers
August 24SatGreystones Regatta  TBCHW

August 25SunGreystones Regatta  TBCHW 16.43TBC
August 28WedMid W Autumn 619:30HW 20.02 RTC Gaelic Knight
August 31SunAutumn 3 / Ladies Helm 314:30HW 10.57 RTCHydrogin
Sept 4WedMid W. Autumn 719:30HW 13.22 RTC Imprint
Sept 7SatRuffian Team Racing Dublin DMYC
Sept 8SunRuffian Team Racing Dublin DMYC
Sept 11WedSpare19:00HW 17.35 RTC 
Sept 18 SunSpareHW 12.41 RTC 
Sept 22SunTBCHW 15.26Lift Out
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