Wicklow Sailing Club Cruiser Race Calendar 2023

Calendar is liable to change due to weather. Updates will be shared via the WhatsApp group.  

April 22nd SatLift In HW 13:388.00 Start at Packet Pier
April 23rd   SunShake Down – RTC14.30HW 14:1612 Noon Boat Park tidy-up for handover to the dingy section.Imprint 
April 26thWedMid W. Spring 119.30HW 16:27RTC Addison
April 30thSunSpring 114.30HW 08:09RTC Alfresco
May 3rdWedMid W. Spring 219.30HW 23:38RTC Aurora
May 6thSatClub BBQ / Novice HelmHW
(3pm Start)Imprint
May 7thSunSpring 214.30HW 13:16RTC Beaune
May 10thWedMid W. Spring 319.30HW 15:41RTC Big Cheers
May 13thSat 15.30HW 06:37
May 14thSunWindward Leeward 114:30HW 07:27(x3 Short Races)Bilbo
May 17thWedMid W. Spring 419.30HW 10:25RTC Flashpoint
May 21st SunTrophy Race + Spring 310:30HW 13:14Breeches Race (DNS)Formula One
May 24thWedMid W. Spring 519.30HW 15:15  RTC Gaelic Knight
May 28thSunTrophy Race + Spring 410:30HW 06:07Horseshoe RaceHydrogin
May 31stWedMid W. Summer 119.30HW 21:44  RTC Imprint
June 2nd – June 3rdFri – SatTrophy Race Night Race Greystones—
00:00 HW GS23:22Cruise up leaving Wicklow approx 18:00
Race home from 00:00
Night Flyer
June 4thSunSummer 100:30HW 12:16RTCRuffage
June 7th WedMid W. Summer 219.30HW 14:27 RTC RuffNuff
June 11thSunTrophy  Race 11:00HW 06.00South India – North India Scamp
June 14thWedMid W. Summer 319.30HW 21:45  RTC  Skua
June 18th SunSummer 2 10.00HW 12:15Ladies Helm 1 –  (Breeches Race)White Rabbit
June 21stWedMid W. Summer 419.30HW 14:15RTC Brian Malone
June 25thSunSummer 314:30HW 17:12RTC Addison
June 28thWedMid W. Summer 519.30HW 20:00  RTC Alfresco
July 2nd SunWindward Leeward 2(x3 Short Races)Batellier
July 5thWedMid W. Summer 619.30HW 13:46  RTC Beaune
July 9thSunSummer 414.30HW 17:14  RTC Big Cheers
July 12thWedMW Summer 717:30HW 20:16  RTC Bilbo
July 16th SunSummer 5  14.30HW 11:17Ladies Helm 2 –   RTC Flashpoint
July 19thWedMW Summer 819.30HW 13:20  RTC Formula One
July 23rdSunNovice Helm / Crew Race 2 HW 15:44RTC Gaelic Knight
July 26thWedMid W. Autumn 119.30HW 18:14  RTC Hydrogin
July 29thSatTrophy  Race  14.30HW 21.30Race to Dun Laoghaire 14.30 Start Imprint
July 30thSunCruise HomeTBCHW 10.09Bray Air Show (3.PM)
August 2nd WedMid W. Autumn 219.30HW 12:45RTC Night Flyer
August 5th  
August 6th
Sun14:30HW 15:51TBC
August 9thWedMid W. Autumn 319.30HW 18:31  RTC RuffNuff
August 13thSunAutumn 112:00HW 10:19  RTC Scamp
August 16thWedMid W. Autumn 419.30HW 12:23  RTC Skua
August 20thSunAutumn 214.30HW 14:35RTC White Rabbit
August 23rdWedMid W. Autumn 519:30HW 16:23  RTC Brian Malone
August 27thSunGreystones Regatta  14:30HW 8:32Greystones Regatta  
August 30thWedMid W Autumn 619:30HW 11:40  RTC Alfresco
Sept 2ndSat   
Sept 3rdSunAutumn 314:30Ladies Helm 3 –   RTCAddison
Sept 6th WedMid W. Autumn 719:30HW 16:46  RTC Batellier
Sept 10thSunCommodore’s Cup14:30HW 09:07Commodore’s Cup – TBCBeaune
Sept 13th WedSpare19:00HW 23:31  RTC Big Cheers
September 16th Sat HW 12:41
September 17th Sun  SpareHW 13:31  RTC 
September 24thSunTBC HW 06:57TBC
September 27th WedHW 22:43
September 30th – SatLift Out HW 12:49
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