Try Crewing

The WSC Try Crewing Sailing Course is open to all adults interested in experiencing sailing.

We are very fortunate to sail in an area of exceptional beauty, with ever-changing weather and challenging sea conditions. It is hoped that this course will give the participants a taste of what it is like to experience the exhilaration of sailing.

The course starts on Friday May 6th at 18.30 at the clubhouse in the harbour. It will run for 4 weeks weather permitting. There will be a short instructional talk at the beginning of each session, then sailing and finally a wrap-up over a warm cup of tea afterwards, or something stronger.

Participants do need to have waterproof gear and a lifejacket – but this will be outlined on the first evening. Other than that, all it takes is a willingness to try something new.


  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
May 6th

May 13th


May 20th


May 27th

18.30 Talk 1:
Talk 2:
How sailing works
Talk 3:
Basic sail trim
Talk 4:
Navigation & safety
19.30 Sail 1:
Board cruising sailboat tied at the pier and get a basic introduction to the sailing boat
Sail 2:
Go out on a test sail aboard a cruising sailboat and learn points of sailing
Sail 3:
Go out and learn sail trim
Sail 4:
Out on the boats for a longer trip, discuss navigation & safety – everyone gets a chance to take the helm
21.00 Chat after Chat after Chat after Chat after


The structure of the course

Week One

Introduction to the Club, to the people, to the course and to the boats:

  • Intro to who is who (Commodore Hal Fitzgerald and others)
  • How the Taste of Sailing course will work – discuss the outline & structure
  • Getting started – what you need, life jacket, gear
  • Types of sailing – windsurfing, dinghies, racing, cruising
  • Types of boats – dinghy, multihull, cruiser
  • Parts of a boat – bow, stern, starboard, port, mast, keel, rudder, tiller/wheel,
  • Safety – getting on and off a boat – dinghy to cruiser and climb aboard
  • How Wicklow Sailing Club works
    • what we have on offer
    • racing dinghies, big boats and cruising in company some weekends
    • social aspects
    • adventurous members

Week Two

Sailing and how it works:

  • Sails catching wind, angled to steer the boat
  • Points of sail – upwind, beating, tacking, beam reach, broad reach, running, sailing in circles, stalled
  • Different sails and how they are controlled – mainsail and mainsheet, jib and jib sheets
  • Crew – who does what

Week Three

Basic Sail Trim

  • Raising the sails – halyards, safety with the boom, correct tension
  • Points of sail
  • Sailing in one direction (adjust the sail for best effect)
  • How to get the best sail shape
  • Tell-tales and how they work

Week Four

Navigation and safety plus next steps

  • Safety briefing, lifejackets, flares, life raft, VHF radio, Mayday
  • Weather – where you can get the forecast information – Met Éireann, VHF, Weatherdial, Internet, RTE – what to watch out for
  • Navigation – charts, depth sounder, keeping a lookout, lobster pots, rocks
  • Tides – how the tides change – twice daily, Spring Tides, Neap Tides
  • Club Website – anemometer, club news, texts
  • Where to from here? Discuss options such as becoming a club member, dinghy course, crewing on cruisers, etc.
  • Feedback on course

The course cost of €110 for the 4 weeks can be applied towards membership of Wicklow Sailing Club should you decide to become a member.

€40.00 for members

To book a place please just fill out the application form below:-

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