Ruffian 23 For Sale

Ruffian 23 for sale, see buying & selling forum

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  1. The Ruffian 23 is represented by a very close knit owners group called the Ruffian Organisation, mainly based out of sailing clubs in Dun Laoghaire which regularly sees up to 25 Ruffians racing each week in the Dublin Bay races.

  2. If you are interested in crewing or finding out more about the Ruffian 23, don’t hesitate to ask Robbie Keys or Anthony Doyle who are always on the lookout for more Ruffian members.

  3. And the most unexpected location is Iceland two or three boats were sailed up there from Portaferry, underlining the boat’s sea keeping and cruising qualities, which are of course the main attraction for Ruffian owners dotted all round the coast nowadays.

  4. Poolbeg yacht club has a fleet of ruffians they sail every Wednesday and take part in the ruffian nationals every year.

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